lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

SENSE SCOTLAND: Banner project

Me incorporé a este grupo justo el día que hicieron una excursión a una tienda cercana a TouchBase para comprar materiales. Llevaban ya un tiempo trabajando sobre papel, definiendo en bocetos algunas ideas sobre tejidos y colores.
I joined the group on the day they went shopping for material, nearbyTouch Base. On previous sessions, they worked on sketching some ideas on paper, and also deciding on fabrics and colours.
Y aquél día tocaba elegirlos de entre una gran variedad. Siempre es excitante eso de ir a comprar material con presupuesto, aunque sea pequeño. Todo llama la atención, y llevó su tiempo elegir. 
So, that day, it was a special moment, the time to choose, from among a wide range, the material most appropriate for their sketches. It always seems to me very exciting to go shopping for an art project, more so if you have a budget, even if it´s small. At the shop, everything caught their attention, so it took time to choose.

Parte de lo que yo me perdí, fue el trabajo sobre telas con las que  experimentaron diferentes métodos de teñido. La tutora de este proyecto, Lorrain Hamilton, me pasó el informe final, donde describe el desarrollo y la consecución de objetivos. Es un documento fundamental que no solo sirve para evaluar, también como base para escribir nuevas solicitudes en "la eterna búsqueda de fondos" (estaría bien un post sobre de donde salen los fondos, cambia tanto de un país a otro!)
Part of what I missed, was the work on fabrics where they experienced with different dyeing techniques like Tie dye, Dye wash and Separating colours from dry dye.

The tutor of this project, Lorrain Hamilton, passed me her final report, where she describes the development and achievement of aims. It is an essential document that not only serves to evaluate, it is also the base for writing future applications, at the eternal searching for funds (it would be nice a post on how to look for funding, it changes a lot from one country to another!)
photos by Lorraine Hamilton
photos by Lorraine Hamilton
"WEEK TWO: Begin the work for bunting. Everyone was given a half meter of white cotton, dye, and elastic bands to make their own tie dye creation.
Once finished these swatches of material had to be left to set, so we began creating some collaborative flags. Spreading out a large section of cotton and allowing everyone to pitch in together to paint and mark make with the dye." From the report of Lorraine Hamilton

En el trabajo sobre las telas, también se añadió el dibujo con rotuladores, que posteriormente se mojaba, dejando un efecto muy particular. Después trabajaron con stencils.
They drew with markers on fabric, later adding some water, which leaves a mark of oddly beauty  on it. Following this, they worked with stencils. Other techniques they used were Printing with objects, Collage and Patchwork

Estuvieron con esta propuesta casi dos meses, y, a finales de Julio, se mostró todo el trabajo realizado en los espacios compartidos de Sense. Las banderolas más grandes se colgaron de las ventanas del departamento hacia la calle. Las pequeñas formaron lo que aquí llaman un bunting, del que no tengo foto, que se colgó en la entrada principal.

They worked on this proposal for two months. In late July, the flags and all the rest of the worked were exhibited at the shared spaces of TouchBase. The biggest banners hung from Art Department windows to the street. The smallest ones were part of a bunting, which hung at the main entrance.

photos by Lorraine Hamilton
"WEEK NINE: Final week was dedicated to the hanging of everyones work around Touchbase. We chose which banners to hang from the windows which line the outside of the arts buildng, took the bunting downstairs to be hung in the front foyer, and as a last minute addition we desided to display the amazing amount of designs that the group created.
We cut out the paper templates and threaded them onto twine. These then found a home hanging from the ceiling in the corridor which leads you into the arts building. This was a really nice addition to the project, the designs which were created where so individual and creative, it was a shame that they all couldn’t have been turned into fabric creations, but wonderful that they got to be displayed for everyone to enjoy."
From the report of Lorraine Hamilton.

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